Foldable Strainer Furit Basket For Washing
Foldable Strainer Furit Basket For Washing

Foldable Strainer Fruit Basket For Washing

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This Foldable Strainer Fruit Basket is the perfect solution for small kitchens and crowded cupboards. Stack it on your other kitchen tools in your cupboard or place it standing up on the side and keep your space tidy.

  • Made from high-quality food-grade-silicone so it is safe for your family to use every day!
  • Safe for your food and your family. Without BPA, FDA approves food-grade F.
  • The strainer’s convenient and ergonomic design will make cooking easier than ever as it has non-slip handles for perfect stability.
  • ¬†Easy to use, efficient, and grip, perfect for rinsing fruit & vegetables, draining pasta or canned foods, etc.
  • Easy to store in a small space, taking up less than 1/4 of the space of a traditional colander.
  • Fold it up and toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning!
  • The handle is non-slip and soft.

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The Foldable Strainer Fruit Basket may have a large capacity but it has a space-saving design as it is collapsible and has extendable handles so it takes up no more space than a plate.


  • Composed of a non-toxic, environment-friendly rubber base and handle, and silicone. BPA-free and FDA approved and dishwasher safe.
  • Strainers are easier to be opened and collapsed and both sides of the handle have a hook design.
  • It’s very easy to clean and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher or sink.
  • Can filter most foods such as spaghetti, hollow powder, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, spinach, almost all fruits and fresh vegetables and other foods.
  • The handle is non-slip, soft and resistant to high temperatures. Can be immersed in boiling water. These filters can be quickly immersed in boiling water to cook hot foods such as spinach, broccoli and so on.
  • These food filters are heat-resistant, so even if heated with boiling water, they will not be damaged.


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