LCD Writing Tablet
LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet

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Using the LCD writing tablet instead of paper memo pads every day will SAVE a lot of trees. A fun activity for children! Keep the kids entertained by using their imagination + mess-free coloring!

  • An Innovative solution for both adults and children
  • Provides eye protection to kids.
  • Adopts LCD screen, no radiation, no glare.
  • Eco-friendly that saves tonnes of trees.
  • Made from durable, shatter-proof, non-toxic plastic materials.
  • Lock function, you only need to turn on the lock key, then keep it for next time use.
  • Ultra light and slim design easy to carry and travel friendly.
  • Multi-purpose, you can use it as a drawing board, graphic tablet, kids’ doodle board, etc.
  • A fun way to keep kids engaged.
  • With an erasable magical button, erase your image with one click, and the dear black screen is ready for its next use.

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The LCD writing pad is Environment friendly, an electronic alternative to memo pads, sticky notes, sketch books, dry erase boards, and other writing/drawing mediums. The best solution for educational content.


  • A large writing surface with 8.5 inch LCD screen gives you even more room to draw or write to show your imagination or educational content.
  • It’s safe and comfortable when children use it for a long time. Your kids can freely release their natural instincts.
  • Erase your image with the touch of a button at a second and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display.
  • Erase button of the writing tablet make it reusable as the equivalent of 50,000 sheets of paper.
  • You can use it as a drawing board, graphic tablet, and kids’ doodle board to inspire and unleash their creativity, making kids’ childhood more colorful.
  • Kids Doodle & Scribble Boards’ lock function, which can nicely avoid any accident deletion for kids drawing or your big ideas.

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  1. Ghazal

    Helpful product and my child enjoy using this alot.

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