Double sided Nano Tape
Double sided Nano Tape
Double sided Nano Tape

Double Sided Nano Tape


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From hanging pictures and posters to keeping rugs from moving around or using them to stop furniture. This double-sided adhesive tape works like magic. It is easily removable, leaves no traces, and will not damage your walls or surfaces.

  • Made of gel material
  • Residue-free
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Strong adhesive capacity
  • Can be applied to a variety of surfaces
  • Applicable to smooth surfaces

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There is an infinite amount of potential uses for this Nano Tape. Uses like organizing cables to your walls, sticking your phone or tablet to any surface, or just sticking anything to anything else! It keeps items in place without slipping.


  • The super-strong gel is washable and reusable and it can be reused more than 600 times. Through new nanotechnology and adaptable material, it holds on all surfaces.
  • When it gets dirty, you can wash it with water.
  • It is a nano double-sided tape that is transparent, residue-free, reusable, and washable.
  • It is made of the most recent acrylic-gel material.  It can adhere to almost any clean, non-porous surface perfectly.
  • Nano gel tape can be applied to a variety of smooth, dry, and clean surfaces, including tiles, glass, wood products, and plastics.
  • You can make double-sided tape stretch, bend, and fold to fit your needs by independently cutting it to any size and length.
  • Leaving no residue or damage, it is simple to tear off from a smooth, firm surface.
  • The tape is not appropriate for the following surfaces: walls that are easily peeled off, thin wallpaper, or painted walls with weak surfaces.
  • Water can be used to clean nano double-sided tape.  You can use the tape to stick things again after cleaning them with water and letting the warm wind dry them.

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