Silicone Bathroom Brush
Silicone Bathroom Brush
Silicone Bathroom Brush, Toilet cleaning Brush, wall mounted toilet brush with holder

Silicone Bathroom Brush


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Cleaning the toilet doesn’t have to be a chore anymore! Get sparkling clean results with the Silicone Bathroom Brush, designed with a long handle for hard-to-reach places and a wall-hanging holder for convenience.

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  • Its creative design and durable materials make it the perfect tool for cleaning any bathroom surface.
  • The brush can easily reach the bottom of the toilet and so capable of easy cleaning.
  • The TRP bristles are able to clean your toilet softly in order to​ protect your toilet floor.
  • Its ventilation design can also help to keep the toilet brush clean and sanitary.
  • The toilet brush’s base is suspended and ventilated, allowing it to dry and drain more easily.
  • The brush neatly fits into the hanging holder, making storage a breeze.

1 review for Silicone Bathroom Brush

  1. Aamna

    Its a must buy! Very good quality

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