Spice Jars Dispenser


Get these eco-friendly polypropylene Spice Jars Dispenser with removable trays for easy cleaning and storage. A practical kitchen product to keep your spices fresh, and odorless and avoid ash, makes cooking more enjoyable.

  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Transparent so you can easily differentiate the spices
  • Removable tray to wash and clean easily
  • Airtight to retain freshness
  • Space-saving design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • East flow design

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Save time and energy with this transparent masala box container that gives a quick and accessible way of finding the perfect spice that you need while cooking this means that you no longer need to search through numerous packages in your kitchen drawers. Good choice for a better life, and never worry about any rust and corrosion. This set in your kitchen certainly redefines the meaning of organization in the kitchen while giving you the utmost durability and convenience.


  • With their crystal clear transparency, finding your desired spice is made easier and adds a visually appealing touch to your kitchen setup.
  • Premium spice jars with a removable tray, are easy to clean by hand washing, easy for storage and anti-corrosive
  • The Spice Box set is made of high-quality acrylic material, keeping your spice or sugar fresh and odor-free, and preventing dust.
  • Its removable rack effectively doubles the storage space in your kitchen.
  • Transparent seasoning box modeling unique novel, crystal clear, can easily distinguish a variety of condiments in the seasoning box, and long-term use will not change color.
  • Can be used to hold a variety of condiments like pepper, sugar, salt, spice, chicken broth powder, cornstarch, and more.
  • A clear spice jar set can help you save some space and make your kitchen neat and generous.


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